Corsica Gastronomia transmit through its creations the best of Corsican gastronomy to  islanders first, but also to tourists and food lovers  beyond the Mediterranean to discover all the local specialties…


Corsica Gastronomia is the story of a man … Charles Antona. In love with his island, his land and the flavors it offers, he decided in 1991 to create his own factory of local specialties. He’s inspired by ancestral recipes left by his grandmothers, the pleasure yesteryear flavors of and the good smellsfrom the kitchen when he was a child. Initially, they are terrines; figatellu, wild boar, myrtles…

Charles Antona uses the best of Corsica in his creations. Then, he created jams; clementine, fig, chestnut or lemon. Fruits were collected near his home recipes made in traditional way.


Charles Antona, is gradually building up his own team to help him with this project. At the start, only 5/6 people worked with him to prepare terrines, jams and subsequently new specialties such as chutneys or even nougats with almonds and Corsican honey. Year after year, the team grows and the specialties develop, the recipes change, improve, the flavors of jams, terrines or nougats diversify and the Corsica Gastronomia factory grows more and more. Today, 47 employees work together every day.


At Corsica Gastronomia, we make it a point of honor to work and consume with respect for the Environment, of humans but also animal welfare.


Corsica Gastronomia would not be what it is without its very first inspiration… Corsica!


Our island is full of unique flavors and endemic scents that are the key to our culinary culture.


Before being cooked, all of our ingredients are defined and chosen by the producers with whom we have worked for years for the most part. It is important to us to collaborate with regional producers in order to create and maintain a relationship of exchange and lasting trust.

Our Products

Several brands and ranges of products are available for all your desires: Jams, ready meals, terrines and sweets !