The Brand

Organic, another way to consume locally

Minnà’s specialities refer to our grandmothers cooking ; gourmet recipes, prepared with healthy and local products, all cooked simply and without artifice.




More flavours and taste

Organic ingredients used to make a jam or a terrine do not contain chemicals or GMOs. In addition, farmers take  only pick seasonal fruits.

This process permit to obtain fruits and vegetables with more tasty and flavored. At Corsica Gastronomia we use short distribution channels. All nutritional qualities of fruits are preserved.


We develop recipes made entirely from organic and natural fruits and vegetables from a reasoned production process.


We are developing a range of 100% organic jams, terrines and tapas because we want the best products quality, eating well and consuming responsibly.

Discover our recipes: shepherd’s terrine with mint, pork terrine with hazelnuts or the one with olives and herbs of Provence!


The products are free from colorings, flavors or preservatives. Our jams are less sweet than average, they are glucose-free, our tapas are gluten-free for the intolerant. Through our jams, we pass on an ancestral know-how that we perpetuate through respect for the product and the flavors of yesteryear.


Eat local and 100% organic at party time with friends or family!
Our recipes are developed to go with all your desires and to delight the taste buds of all your guests.

Discover our recipes: black olive tapas, artichoke green olives and Espelette pepper, chickpeas, chestnut sesame, pork olives and Provence herbs …