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Charles Antona is a compendium of the flavors of the Isle of Beauty.

From breakfast to dinner, including an aperitif and without forgetting the dessert; we offer you a real culinary journey through our flavors of jams, terrines and other local specialties …




Tapas & Dishes



The most popular products from our product lines to discover or rediscover!


Our jams are prepared every day with care in our workshops and placed in jars directly after cooking in order to lock inside their delicious flavor which will only be released when the opening “click” before tasting … Did you know that we have developed a special range for the marriage of cheese and flavors of the maquis? More info here …


Our terrines contain all the strength and character of the Corsican terroir. They are prepared with French pork, enhanced with the flavors of the maquis. We develop our recipes with figatellu, wild boar meat or myrtle berries and also brocciu.

selection by corsica gastronomia

The Sélection by Charles Antona, as its name suggests, is a typical and unique selection of our best jam recipes with fruits chosen and prepared with the greatest care to offer you an exceptional range. Our best recipes: Fig and Hazelnut Jam from Cervione Arbutus jelly from the maquis Apricot jam with almonds Chestnut jam

Cheese & Jam

The cheese selection is a range of jams specially developed for all your cheese platters.

We have created atypical flavors that blend perfectly with all cheese specialties, from the sweetest to the most character!

  • Fig jam for goat cheese
  • Fig and walnut jam for sheep cheeses
  • Apricot and cumin jam for the Comté
  • Clementine and basil jam for camemberts
  • Black cherry jam for sheep cheese 
    Beer jelly for “maroilles” and munster
  • Quince and rosemary jam for the “roqueforts”

terroir range

Jams made with fruits specially selected from our local partners From Cuttoli to San Giuliano via Coti-Chiavari and Vescovato, we have created a whole new fresh and colorful range for our jams by working especially with partners from our regions. So you know exactly where the fruit comes from inside our jam jars. For more information, do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to tell you on which fig tree the figs for your jam were picked …

Others specialities

For all your desires we have developed products for every occasion


Discover the nougats with almonds and honey from Corsica or the candied fruits Let yourself be tempted by our other products:
* Compotes
* Chutney
* Mustards

cooked dishes

Charles Antona invites you to discover or rediscover these recipes inspired by his ancestors! Find the Beans-Figatellu, Corsican veal with olives or fish soup …



A must for aperitif … Our tapas are the perfect addition to your aperitifs! So, discover the dried tomato combined with the strength of a Corsican tomme or the sweetness of artichoke combined with the spiciness of Espelette pepper …


Gingerbread Fig Chutney
The sweet and savory mixture will go perfectly with your foie gras to bring sweetness to your starter …

Cinnamon and Clementine Nougat
A little sweetness and more gluttony to enjoy Christmas …